Turbot with White Crab Meat, Peas & Broad Beans – from Iain Smith

Turbot with White Crab Meat, Peas & Broad Beans – from Iain Smith

Be confident and don’t be scared of seafood & shellfish! It’s versatile and easy to cook. Dive in with a couple of simple first recipes, find your favourites and support our Great British fishermen and women whilst eating wonderful local fishes and dishes.

Iain Smith
Fifty Cheyne

Serves 2



The Fish & Flowers

130g of turbot fillet per person

1 teacup of wild yellow mustard flowers

The White Wine Sauce

1 Onion

1 Clove of garlic

1 Sprig of thyme

1 small bunch of chives

250ml White wine

250ml Chicken stock

250ml Double cream

Half a bruised lemongrass

150g white crab meat

20g wild garlic leaf sliced thinly

The Pink Peppercorns

25g Pink peppercorns

50g Sugar

50g White wine vinegar

50ml Water

The “Greens”

200g Broad beans

200g Fresh peas

50g white hand-picked crab meat dressed in citrus juice

1 Leek




The White Wine & Pink Peppercorn Sauce

Start by sweating down the diced onion with the chopped garlic and a sprig of thyme, in a little oil.

When soft add the white wine and reduce by half.

Next add the chicken stock and reduce by half again.

Finish by adding the double cream and reduce till the sauce starts to thicken.

Finally blend all together in a blender with the fresh crab meat  and pour the sauce through a fine sieve in to any small receptacle.

Set it aside till needed.

Add the sliced wild garlic when ready to serve

Place the pink peppercorns in a metal sieve.

Bring the water, sugar and vinegar to the boil in a small pan, then slowly pour boiling liquid over the pink peppercorns and allow to cool and then remove any excess liquid with kitchen towel.

Cooking The Greens

Prepare the greens by shelling the broad beans and peas in to a bowl.

Next peel away the outer leaves of the leek to reveal the leek heart, slice the heart into small round ‘checker’.

Blanch the ‘checkers’ in salty water and set them aside.

The Turbot Fillet 

Finally, heat a little olive oil in a non-stick frying pan.

Season the turbot with a pinch of salt and place the into the hot pan skin side down and cook for a few minutes until the flesh becomes opaque.

Remove the pan from the heat, turn the fillet over and let the residual warmth cook the fish through perfectly.

Heat the white wine sauce in a small pan and add in the peas, broad beans, leek hearts and chopped chives and wild garlic  and pour half onto the plate.

Place the turbot fillet on top, skin side up showing off the golden caramelisation, and carefully pour the remaining sauce around it.

Finish with pink peppercorns and wild yellow mustard flowers.  Serve.