Seasonal Asparagus Omelette

Seasonal Asparagus Omelette


3 eggs

50g of butter

Sea salt and white pepper



Beat 3 eggs with salt and pepper

Select 3-4 asparagus and peel from the tip to the bottom

Fry the asparagus on a medium heat, in a little butter and with a pinch of salt and white pepper for 3 minutes.

Straighten the asparagus in the middle of the pan together and add the eggs around the sides of the asparagus. 

Do not disturb the pan for 1-2 minutes or until the eggs are ready to fold but not cooked through. 

Turn the two sides of the eggs to overlap the asparagus (so it looks like an envelope on each side). 

Put under a hot grill for 20/30 seconds or flip over in the pan for 15 seconds. 

Serve with a simple green salad.