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Why the name Sister’s?

In 2016 I grew an abundance of tomatoes and in September, was left with a lot of unripe ones. I experimented with my Mum’s runner bean pickle recipe from the 1970s and gave my brother, Anthony, a few jars of the resulting, yummy green tomato chutney. He served some in baguettes and ploughmans’ lunches in his shop; Taste Deli, Warminster. One customer liked it so much he asked if he could buy a jar. Anthony replied, “I don’t have any to sell, my sister makes it, I’ll ask her.” The next few times the same guy came in to the shop he asked, “Have you got any of your sister’s chutney?” …and so the brand name was born!

Since then I have extended my range of chutney’s and added jams and other products depending on the season.

My Vision

Great tasting products should be available locally, and buying from a small business makes a real difference to real people. I love to use traditional, family recipes, but also to experiment and create new combinations of flavours to offer the best jam and chutney I can make. Hopefully you will join my loyal customers in saying it is the best jam and chutney they have tasted! I aim to use hand-picked and locally grown produce if possible, adding nothing artificial, for the best flavour and quality preserves. My glass jars are made from partially recycled glass, and are fully recyclable. Gift boxes contain only biodegradable materials, no plastic; and I’m currently looking for a fairtrade supplier of hamper baskets.