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Founded by my twin sister and I in 2015, Double Dutch is a UK-based premium tonic and mixer brand positioning itself as the key challenger brand in the tonic water & mixer category, offering a fresh, healthy and innovative proposition to the market. Double Dutch was the first mixer brand to launch quinine-free tonic, to focus on double paired flavouring for mixers and use molecular gastronomy for recipe development. All drinks are made with natural ingredients and are delicious whether drunk solo or paired with premium spirits. With innovation at its core, Double Dutch has won over 30 taste tests since start including best tonic for your gin but the IWSC.

We are a brand built on a belief in maximising flavourful drinking, creating unexpected pairings that enhance every adult drinking occasion – whether served with premium spirits or savoured solo.

Our full range includes:

  • Cucumber & Watermelon : Our most popular flavour, very summery with a slightly sweet aroma and a fresh and cool scent
  • Pomegranate & Basil; For the sophisticated drinker, a herbaceous aroma with a sweet and tart finish
  • Cranberry & Ginger Tonic: Fuller flavour profile, slightly bitter and a sweet’n’ sour aroma with a deeply warm finish
  • Cucumber Margaritha Soda: Our cocktail soda starts with cucumber to freshen the palate, which rapidly moves into a lime note with a chilli finish
  • Bloody Mary Soda: A refreshing soda makeover – Full of tomato flavour with cucumber for freshness, pepper and chilli for spice, all topped off with a hint of brandy vinegar.
  • Indian Tonic: Delicate and soft with a hint of juniper berry and grapefruit
  • Skinny Tonic: Same recipe as our Indian tonic but with less added sugars. Slightly dryer aroma also with a hint of juniper berry and grapefruit
  • Soda: Pure natural sparkling water with a pinch of salt
  • Ginger Ale; A soft and light spicyness with an end note of cardamon
  • Ginger Beer; Super spicy holding up against any spirit, with an endless aftertaste of spice and citrus
  • Double Lemon; Full of natural lemon flavour with bitter tone and a hint of lime


We started with a belief that drinking could be more flavourful and that premium spirits deserved better mixers to make every drink delicious. Raised in the Netherlands (the birthplace of gin), my sister and I have always had a natural affinity with premium drinks but frustrated with the limited selection of high-end mixers available to accompany the wider array of premium spirits. In response to this, during our years at university we started experimenting with making our own sodas and devoted our final master year to the mixer market. At graduation, we received the prize for most promising startup from UCL alongside our initial investment. It is not just about flavourful drinking at Double Dutch, doing business the right way is an important principle for us. We have a clear policy in place to support diversity and are exploring new ways to drive sustainability through our supply chain.