Our Local Hero: Pentire Drinks

Our Local Hero: Pentire Drinks

Alistair Frost and his small team at Pentire have managed to do something rather extraordinary: they’ve captured the magic of Cornwall, with its sense of adventure, beauty and freedom and bottled it for all to share and enjoy.

Alister, Pentire’s founder, moved to Cornwall from London, seeking inspiration and ingredients for a unique drink.

He began by exploring the seaweed and foraged herbs which he found near Polzeath on Cornwall’s wild northern coast. After many months tasting different options and ingredients, he began working with local distillers, botanists and brewers to create Pentire, named after the windswept Cornish headland that provides the incredible array of unique plant life which infuse each sip.

Pentire’s botanical spirits transport you to a salty beach on a warm summer evening, sand between your toes, friends by your side, with glorious aromas drifting across the sand and sea. And, at times like this, when most of us aren’t able to make this a reality, a drink like this is very welcome. 

All of Pentire’s drinks are non-alcoholic, giving you the opportunity to make a healthy choice, whilst still enjoying something truly special.

Lots of us are trying to reduce our alcohol consumption without compromising on taste. In 2018, 30% of 16 – 24 year olds said they don’t drink any alcohol at all, and this figure is steadily rising each year. Pentire have created an excellent option – it seems that the time has finally come for excellent non-alcoholic drinks!

Their bestselling spirit, Adrift, uses notes of sea rosemary, rock samphire and sage paired with citrus and sea salt to create a rounded and balanced finish.

It’s best enjoyed simply with a tonic, a dash of lemon and ice: we thought it was one of the most delicious and unique tasting G&Ts we’ve had and we didn’t miss the alcohol at all!

We are not the only ones who were impressed. In January 2021, the New York Times named Pentire as their non-alcoholic drink of choice, describing Adrift as ‘dazzling’, with a light and crisp taste, evocative of a sea-breeze. The Temperance Club, a site created for the growing community of sociable low and non-alcohol drinkers, described Adrift as ‘outstanding’ and described it as ‘the liberation of a sea flavour in a botanical spirit’, which strikes me as exactly what Alister was trying to achieve with Pentire.

But Pentire is more than just a tipple. They offer customers the opportunity to choose a business that genuinely puts sustainability and corporate responsibility at the heart of what it does. Alister is exacting in his standards: all packaging is 100% recyclable, deliveries are carbon neutral and even their printing is done using innovative technology that eliminates water consumption and the release of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) into the atmosphere. Wherever possible, only Fair Trade & Organically Certified ingredients are used.

Alister and his team are passionate surfers and they want to contribute to protecting the seas off Cornwall, so a percentage of Pentire’s profits are donated to The Blue Marine Foundation, a charity which aim to restore the world’s oceans back to their former glory, before issues such as overfishing and plastic pollution were such enormous problems. 

If you’re looking for something different to try this Spring and craving a seaside staycation, this might just be the drink you are looking for! 

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