Our Local Hero: Foraging Fox

Our Local Hero: Foraging Fox

For Frankie, the idea for Foraging Fox came to life as she explored the bumper crop in her childhood kitchen garden and her time spent with the original “Foraging Fox”, her father, Roland.

Roland, a mushroom and plant expert, used to take his daughter into the countryside and along beaches identifying different plants, collecting the ones that could be eaten and then cooking them at home with her mum.

These happy memories stayed with Frankie and she wanted to recreate that same love of food and plants (and a hatred of waste) with her own children.

One year, after an enormous
harvest of beetroot and apples from their garden, Frankie and her children begun experimenting to find the best ways to preserve them for the rest of the year.

Together they created such a delicious product, their ‘beetroot ketchup’ that the rest, as they say, is history. 

Frankie thought she might be onto something with her beetroot ketchup, and her friend, Desirée
Parker, agreed. Together they founded Foraging Fox and grew it together from Frankie’s kitchen
table, via their first trade show – where their twenty bottles of beetroot ketchup were snapped up! – to where they are today.

In the six short years since it began, Foraging Fox has found extraordinary success: in 2016 their ketchups could be found online and in speciality stores across the UK but by 2018 they had made their supermarket debuts in the UK, Germany, Holland, Canada and the United

In 2019 Chef’s Choice named the Foraging Fox Beetroot Ketchup as their Product of the Year,
a huge and exciting accolade for a relatively new company.

So what is all the fuss about?

Using apple juice to sweeten the beetroot sauce was an innovative choice: but it works! The ketchup range (now available in smoked, hot and original) is entirely vegan and low sugar and uses roughly half the sugar of a regular ketchup.

The products are completely natural, something especially important to Frankie and Desirée.

With just eight ingredients, nothing in the bottle is something you wouldn’t find in any foodie’s kitchen. And there are definitely no
“nasties” or long, unproduceable words in the ingredients list – which are never a good sign!

New Foxxy arrivals are the mayos, which are available in three delicious (and unusual) flavours: avocado and lemon, smoked garlic, and coconut chilli and lime.

It’s easy to imagine spreading a thick layer of any of these onto a homemade burger at an afternoon BBQ, or dipping a
chip into them over supper. But because they are all natural and with no added sugar, you can feel good about making a healthier choice (and they only use British free-range chickens too, so everyone is happy). 


We’re keeping an eye out for their latest hot and spicy ketchup, which should be hitting the Local & Independent shelves soon!


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